When you collaborate with influencers, you might want to formalize the arrangement. The contract legally frames the collaboration, clarifies any uncertainty and gives both parties something to hold on to if there are any problems.
Hopefully, nothing will go wrong but it is still important to write some form or agreement. 

Here are the key elements you should mention:

  • Influencers identity details, name of social network account and pseudonyme (if different).

  • Your company name and details.

  • A brief outline of the collaboration.

  • A clear start and end date. 

  • A detailed explanation of the content influencers need to provide : used social network, date of publication, any forbidden slangs, required mentions or hashtags. 

  • Metrics required. 

  • Payment details.

  • Terms and conditions of the collaboration and cancellation policy. E.g. Content validation before publication.

  • Image usage agreement.

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