Lefty can provide you with additional services to help you scale up your influencer marketing strategy. We can create seeding campaigns for you and get your product featured in authentic posts by hundreds of influencers on social media. 

Influencer seeding is a great way to drive sales and gain awareness online in a very short time - all the while making your brand benefit from influencers' credibility and trust.

The process is really easy : you define the type of influencers you want to partner with and the terms of the collaboration.
Lefty contacts relevant influencers and collects their home addresses and other relevant details.
You choose influencers in that list and send them the product to feature in their Instagram feed.
Each piece of content produced by selected influencers is saved automatically in your account.
In just a few days, you will get dozens of pieces of branded content on Instagram. 

How are seeding campaigns priced?
The price depends on the number of influencers you want to partner with and their audience size. Fees start at 10€ per influencer recruited to the campaign. 

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