Lefty is your platform to create, manage and track your influencer marketing campaigns. 

Campaigns allow you organize influencers in list, to retrieve all their sponsored content and to get access to an automatic reporting.

You will most likely want to create a new one for each product/operation you're promoting, for instance "Fall collection 2017 / France" to keep track of the influencers that are working on that campaign.

Campaign creation

Click on the "create a campaign" button and fill up the form. Here are the fields that you can populate when creating a campaign (note that you can edit those fields at any time using the EDIT button):

  • Private name (mandatory): Choose a short and unique name for your campaign. This name will be visible only by you and your team and will be searchable on Lefty.

  • Start and end date (mandatory): During this time period only, Lefty will track posts and stories with your campaign mentions or hashtags. 

At least one of the following needs to be filled.

  • Hashtags (optional): If you plan on asking creators to tag their content with a specific hashtag, such as #lovemybrand, enter it here. Posts containing those hastags will be automatically tracked in this campaign. We recommend you always setup one or more hashtags for your campaigns!

  • Mentions (optional): If you plan on asking creators to mention an instagram account on their content, such as @mybrand, add it here. This serves the same purpose as hashtags (posts are automatically tracked).

  • Youtube tags (optional): If you ask your creators to produce content on Youtube this is essential to track their Youtube content.

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