Lefty has a new feature which allows you to collaborate with creators more easily.  

1. Invite creators

We made it easy for you to invite creators to collaborate on Lefty: you can now invite creators into your campaigns directly from the platform. Hoover on an influencer profile and click on "Invite to campaign". 

Influencers will receive a custumized email, leading to a dedicated landing page.  That is how a landing page could look like, from an influencer perspective. 

When they sign-up on Lefy, creators have the option to share their insights with you: they can share their audience analytics and their publications stats. 

This is great news for you! It is extremely convenient because you will get access to the "real" data from Facebook, directly on the platform.

2. Status

We have created a simple color code to monitor creators activity in a campaign. This appears as a circle around the creator profile picture. 

  • Green : the creator has accepted your invitation and is sharing their data with you
  • Yellow : the creator has not accepted yet your invitation
  • Red : the creator has refused to share their data with you
  • Grey : you haven’t invited them to collaborate on Lefty

3. Messenger

We have created a messenger tool on the platform to help you centralized all creators communications.
Feel free to use the internal messaging system with created who have signed-up on Lefty. 

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