: number of unique persons reached by influencers during a campaign.  

Impressions: number of times a content is displayed. 

  • Posts impressions are estimated based on the number of likes of the post x 10

  • Stories impressions are estimated based on the influencer average number of likes x 5

Engagement rate
: it indicates how close from their community an influencer is. It is calculated by dividing the number of likes by the number of followers. 

In a report, Lefty compares the engagement rate during the campaign to the average engagement rate of the influencers, to measure the performance of the campaign. 

: The Earned Media Value transforms the value created by influencers publications and gives an estimation of the price of an equivalent paid media campaign on Instagram.
EMV is calculated based on the number of estimated impressions and a default CPM of $15.

EMV formula: Impressions x CPM / 1000
We use a CPM of $15.

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