Why should you invite influencers to Lefty?

When inviting an influencer to Lefty you have 2 main benefits :

  •  You will get the Instagram insights of the influencer such as their audience metrics and their posts performance. Those are otherwise estimated by Lefty when the influencer is not invited.

  • You will be able to chat with the influencer from Lefty on the Messages section of your campaign.

How to invite an influencer to Lefty?

In order to invite influencers to your campaign, you need to set up your campaign landing page. This page will contain the name of your brand, your logo and a short message explaining the objectives of the partnership.

The setup is done in the Settings section of your campaign under Invitation Page

Once finished, the link to the invitation page will be available using the link button  

You can send this invitation page in 2 different ways :

  • from Lefty using Send Invite 

  • by directly sending the link via email. 

Be aware that if you send the invite from Lefty, the email the influencers will receive will appear to be coming from the owner of your Lefty account.

When influencers have accepted your invitation, you can chat with them on the Message section. If you are both connected at the same time, it works like a chat. If not, you will get a notification by email. You can chat with as many influencers as your plan allows you to. You will also be able to see the impression of their posts and their audience from their profile page on Lefty.

Which influencers can be invited?

Only Influencers having a Facebook linked Business or Creator Instagram account can be invited to join Lefty and share their insights with you. For more information about this type of accounts please refer to the Facebook documentation.

Problems that may arise

It may happen that invitations sent via Lefty are detected as spam by the influencer email client. In that case, the best solution is to directly send the invitation link using your own email.

Some influencers might also have trouble clicking on the link in the invitation email. Again, the best solution would be to send the link using your own email.

This should not happen often, so please do not hesitate to report such issues.

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