Influencer Marketing is not only about getting visibility for your brand. It can also be about acquiring new customers and driving sales.

The Lefty Campaigns feature has you covered when assessing your brand visibility through many KPIs such as impressions or Earned Media Value.

With the Lefty Affiliation feature, you will now be able to effectively measure clicks and sales generated by your influencers posts.

Technical requirements

In order to measure conversions on your e-commerce site (or to track conversions on other websites such as newsletter subscriptions), you need to add the Lefty pixel on the Thank You Page (the page showing after the conversion happens). We support all major e-commerce platforms. Please contact your account manager to put the pixel in place on your website.

How does it work?

Once the Lefty pixel is added to your website you can start using affiliation on Lefty.

You will learn :

  • How affiliation programs work

  • How to upload influencers

  • How to create and share tracking links


Affiliates are linked to a Program. A Program defines attribution rules and commission:

  • Cookie duration - this is the time allowed for a conversion to happen after a click on a tracked link. All conversions after a click happening within the cookie duration time will be attributed to the influencer that generated the last click. The default time setting is 1 week from the click to the purchase.

  • Commission policy - this is the policy that will define how affiliates will be rewarded. There are 3 different policies that exist on Lefty : Percentage Commission on the sale, Flat Fee for each conversion and No Fee. By default Lefty applies No Fee. This is the commission you should apply if you work on a fee-per-post basis with your influencer affiliates.

Lefty has a built-in affiliation Program called Basic. This program has a cookie duration of one week and a No Fee commission policy. You can create new Programs on Program & Settings tab.

Upload your affiliates

You can upload your affiliates the same way you upload influencers to your Campaigns or Directory. First, select the network you will be using and then input your influencers handles (one profile per line). Next select the program you would like to apply to these affiliates, and start the upload. Note that all the influencers uploaded in the Affiliation tab will also appear on your Directory.

Create & Share tracking links

Once affiliates uploaded, you can start creating tracked links that will redirect to the product or a specific landing page on the e-commerce site that you wish to promote.

Creating tracking links is very simple. You can either create them one by one or in bulk. A tracking link is defined by :

  • Destination URL (required) : this is the URL you want to promote (your product page on the e-commerce site for example)

  • Program (optional) : if you wish you can override the program that was defined previously when adding your influencer affiliate. This is optional and by default the influencer program will apply.

  • Campaign (optional) : When creating a link, you can attach all sales and click performances to a campaign. In that case, all conversion metrics associated with this link will appear on your campaign. This will allow you in particular to link conversions with posted content and impressions.

The tracking links are unique and have the following form

You are now ready to share the links with the influencers. Download the CSV file, and then share with your influencers directly using your preferred emailing platform.

Remember, links are unique per influencer. Please make sure you are sharing the right link with the right influencer.

Thank you for using Lefty!

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