Once you have selected your influencers and added them to a campaign, it's time to activate them.

  • Start with creating a landing page.

  • The landing page contains your campaign name, brand name, logo, any illustrations you wish to add, and a short message explaining the partnership's objectives.

  • At the bottom of the landing page, select "Login with Instagram" to register influencers and collect their data from Instagram.

    Here is what it looks like on the influencer's side. 

Next, associate your landing page with a campaign by going to the campaign's settings and selecting "add a landing page."

To share your landing page, you can copy and paste the invitation link, or you can invite an influencer to your page directly from any campaign that has been associated with your page.

Once an influencer has accepted an invite, a blue check mark will appear next to their name.

Click here to watch a demo video on landing pages explaining each step of the process.

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