Lefty is your platform to create, manage and track your influencer marketing campaigns. 

Campaigns allow you to organize influencers in a list, retrieve all their sponsored content, and access automatic reporting.

You will most likely want to create a new one for each product/operation you're promoting, for instance, "Fall collection 2021 / France," to keep track of the influencers working on that campaign.

Campaign creation

Click the "create a campaign" button and fill out the form. Here are the fields that you can populate when creating a campaign (you can edit those fields at any time using the ''EDIT'' button):

  • Private name (mandatory): Choose a short and unique name for your campaign. This name will be visible only by you and your team and will be searchable on Lefty.

  • Start and end date (mandatory): During this period only, Lefty will track posts and stories with your campaign mentions or hashtags. 

At least one of the following needs to be filled:

  • Hashtags (optional): If you plan on asking creators to tag their content with a specific hashtag, such as #lovemybrand, enter it here. Lefty's AI will track posts containing those hashtags in this campaign. We recommend you always set up one or more hashtags for your campaigns!

  • Mentions (optional): If you plan on asking creators to mention an Instagram account on their content, such as @mybrand, add it here. Mentions serve the same purpose as hashtags, making posts automatically trackable.

  • Add Network (optional): If you are running your campaign on more than one platform, use this field to fill in your mentions and hashtags, as stated previously.

  • Landing Page (optional): If you plan to invite influencers to connect on Lefty, set up a landing page and associate it with a campaign. You can learn more here.

  • Exclude from performance (optional): If you are setting up a campaign to monitor a group of influencers outside of a campaign or one of your competitors' campaigns, select this button to ensure that the data from these campaigns does not impact your performance.

  • Please refer to the video below for a demonstration:

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