The Directory serves as a database for influencers you've previously worked with or are interested in for the future.

Once you have added an influencer to a campaign, Lefty will automatically create a Directory record for that influencer. You can also add influencers to the Directory manually via the "add influencers" button to track any that you might want to activate in the future.

For each influencer, the Directory will show:

  • The networks they use

  • Their follower total

  • The cumulative number of publications they've created across all campaigns

  • The cumulative number of impressions and EMV they've generated across all campaigns

  • You can also add custom fields to your Directory to store information on influencers like their birthday or clothing sizes. You can learn more about how to create custom fields here.

The Directory also acts as your publications library, showing all the content retrieved across campaigns you've run.

Lastly, Lefty's Directory Report will show a cumulative total of all your campaigns' performance. The KPIs shown include:

  • Total number of influencers and posts

  • Total of engagements and impressions

  • Average engagement rate

  • The total amount of EMV

  • Total campaign costs

  • Overall ROI

The report section will also give you a timeline of impact for different KPIs across campaigns and a breakdown of post distribution and the different types of content.

*As a note, the Directory also allows you to execute the following actions in this section:

  • Add multiple profiles to a campaign

  • Add labels to influencers

  • Create custom field categories

  • Automated reporting on all influencers' performances.

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