If you have noticed that posts and stories from influencers are not showing up in your campaign, there can be a few reasons why this is happening:

  • 24-hour "refresh window" for campaign metrics

    Lefty updates campaign performance data every 24 hours. This refresh window can be the explanation for any inconsistencies in current performance data. You may always use the chrome extension to recover an influencer's stories if you want to do so ahead of time.

  • Retrieval issue due to a delay in adding influencers

    Adding influencers as soon as possible after creating your campaign is best. This process will ensure no stories are missed (stories beyond a 24-hour window are not retrieved). If stories are missed, you may submit a screenshot to your account manager to post manually.

  • The discrepancy between hashtags or mentions in your campaign setting and the hashtags/mention that the influencer used

    You can update incorrect hashtags or mentions in the settings. If the influencer uses the wrong hashtag or mention, let them correct it so that the post will be tracked for the campaign automatically.

*For stories or posts incorrectly tagged or mentioned:

  • Select the influencer's page on Lefty

  • Select a date range in "Filters" for when the story or post was published.

You can choose the missing post or story and add it to your campaign.

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