Inviting influencers through Lefty with promoting transparency and ease of communications with your influencer community

Benefits as a brand:

- Centralise all communications on Lefty with email synchronization

- Get more precise insights on the influencer's performance (posts impressions and reach) and the influencer's audience

- No necessity to ask for influencers' data anymore

Benefits as an influencer:

- Share insights with a click of a button (no screenshots)

- Build a trustful relationship with the sponsored brand

1. Build a landing page on Lefty

The landing page will be where influencers will register to the platform.

Go to campaigns > settings > invitation page and follow the landing page creation process.

2. Associate your landing page with a campaign.

Inviting influencers to connect for a campaign must associate the landing page you've just created with a campaign. To do this, select your campaign and go to the campaign's Settings page. At the bottom of the page, select "Associate a landing page" and choose the one you've just created.

3. Invite influencers to the platform

You can invite influencers directly to the platform from your campaign or send them the link to the invitation page via email or text message. If you use the latter option, note that they must be included in the campaign to register.

4. Check on their status

After sending out invitations, you can view the acceptance status of influencers and filter by this field.

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